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Instruments Supported by FSA

FSA specializes in: Manufacturers
HPLC / UPLC / Prep LC Agilent, Waters, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Varian, Hitachi, Alltech, Polymer Labs, ESA / Thermo, GE / AKTA, Interchim
LC / MS, Single / Triple Quad / Ion Trap AB Sciex, Agilent
GC / MS Agilent, Varian, Scion
GC, Gas Chromatography / Detectors Agilent, PerkinElmer, Varian, Shimadzu, Scion, Sievers, OI Analytical, Bruker
Headspace Units Agilent, Teledyne Tekmar, CTC, LEAP, PerkinElmer, Gerstel USA
Dissolution Systems Distek, Vankel / Varian, Hanson
ICP / MS Agilent, PerkinElmer
Ion Chromatography Dionex / Thermo
Purge and Trap
Thermal Desorption
Air Sampling
Gel Permeation Chromatography
OI Analytical, Teledyne Tekmar, CDS, EST
Gerstel, Teledyne Tekmar
Teledyne Tekmar
ABC, OI Analytical, Waters
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Teledyne Tekmar, OI Analytical, Sievers/GE, Shimadzu
Petroleum Analyzers
Agilent, Beckman
ISL, PAC, Wasson ECE, Analytical Controls, Antek
Amino Acid Analyzers
Pyrolysis Units

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