In-House Repairs


Autosampler Repair

Agilent 7673B / 7683 Autosampler Repairs

Send in your 7673B / 7683 tower, tray or controller for an evaluation in our State-of-the-Art repair facility. When you authorize Full Spectrum to do your repair, the $200.00 evaluation fee will be deducted from the final cost.

  • Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Complete Refurbishment or Overhaul
  • Incidental Repair
  • Loaners Available

Prices subject to change without notice

Preventative Maintenance
Program for 7673B / 7683 Modules

Price only $600.00
Complete Refurbishment of 7673B / 7683 Tower

Price only $1350.00
Incidental Repair Service for 7673B / 7683 Modules

Price only $600.00 + Parts
Features include:
  • Electronic checkout and cleaning
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Rotation of belts
  • Fan checkout
  • Plunger solenoid cleaned
  • Sensors cleaned
  • Communications checkout
  • 48hr turnaround time
  • 100 test samples run

Features include:
  • Complete preventative maintenance procedure
  • Replacement of all belts
  • Replacement of plunger motor
  • Replacement of plunger solenoid
  • 100 test samples run

Features include:
  • Complete preventative maintenance procedure
  • Replacement of defective component
  • 100 test samples run

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ECD Cleaning

Electron Capture Detector cleaning is now available for all Agilent / Hewlett Packard, Bruker and Varian Gas Chromatographs. Turn around time 2-3 weeks.


  • ECD Cleaning (All Models) $1050.00
  • Varian / Bruker / Scion ECD Refoiling  $2000.00 

All services include 90 Day Warranty and Wipe Test Results for each Cell

Prices subject to change without notice (Limitations Apply)

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Mass Spectrometer Pumps

Mass Spec Pumps Turbo Replacement Pumps

Pfeiffer DUO 2.5 (120V)

  • Repair: $900 
  • Refurbished/Exchange: $1,105
  • Edwards E2M1.5 (120V) Repair: $900
    Refurbished/Exchange: $1,190

  • Pfeiffer Hi-Pace 300 Turbo Pump - $7,304 (After Exchange) 
  • Edwards EXT-250 Turbo Pump - $6,656 (After Exchange)
  • Edwards EXT-255  Turbo Pump - $6,284 (After Exchange)

Please contact us to inquire for your other mass spec pumps.
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Agilent LC Equipment

Agilent LC Repair/ Exchange Agilent 1290 Binary Heads

Pfeiffer DUO 2.5 (120V)

  • $200 Evaluation fee before in-house service repair quote. $200 evaluation fee waived if the customer wants to follow through with repair.
  • Please contact us to inquire for pricing of our Agilent HPLC purchase or exchange needs.

Refurbished with exchange G4220A (1290) pump heads:

  • Channel A, with Seal Wash (OEM# G4220-60200) - $1,409
  • Channel B, with Seal Wash (OEM# G4220-60210) - $1,370
  • Channel A, without Seal Wash (OEM# G4220-60400) - $1,465
  • Channel B, without Seal Wash (OEM# G4220-60410) - $1,465

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Restore your Purge & Trap to its former glory!


  • Complete sample pathway replacement
  • Thorough final testing
  • Rapid turn around time
  • Multiple unit discount
  • Discount for contract customers


What is a refurbishment?
A refurbishment of a purge and trap concentrator or autosampler is the complete replacement of the sample pathway (or every place the sample touches) in order to bring the instruments back to it's original "new" condition.

How do I know if I need a refurbishment? You may need a refurbishment if:

  • specific compounds or groups of compounds are missing from the chromatographic run
  • unknown peaks are present in your chromatogram
  • baseline noise is excessive during the chromatographic run
  • chromatography is very poor when using a purge and trap compared to direct injection

How do I know that a refurbishment will fix my problem?
Full Spectrum Analytics, Inc. will duplicate your problem at one of our in-house repair facilities before the refurbishment takes place. After completion, a series of standards will be run to ensure that your problem has been resolved. You don't pay if we don't resolve the issue.

How long does a refurbishment take?
Full Spectrum Analytics, Inc. will receive, test, complete the refurbishment and return the instrument within 4 business days.

Are loaners available?
Loaners are available for most manufacturers for contract customers only. For more information on contracts you can contact

Is there a warranty?
Full Spectrum Analytics, Inc. warranties all parts for 90 days.

-All warranty repairs must be performed at an FSA service depot.

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